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FAQ : Forklift Truck Battery Information and Answers

Buying a forklift truck battery will typically be an expense amounting to at least a couple of hundred dollars. Spending this cash on a poor-quality brand or a low-level service might seem like the more affordable option initially, but the low-quality will soon make itself known after a few uses. Forklift batteries are unlike traditional car equivalents, in the sense that they are often much larger and will rely on a greater volume of acid in order to function.

Here is a little more information relating to this unique type of battery.

Can you use older cables for new batteries?

Although it is possible to use older cables and connections, it isn’t recommended as they can often feature the same lifespan as batteries, and may therefore have worn down over time. New batteries typically come with the necessary cables, but if not – they can be purchased at a minimal cost from a reputable stockist.

Are deep cycle batteries really that different to regular starter batteries?

Most forklifts will run with a standard starter battery, but deep cycle batteries often provide a much longer lifespan and can be charged and used several hundred times before needing replacing. It’s important to identify the key factors of a deep cycle battery as many manufacturers state that their batteries offer this feature as standard. In reality, only a true deep cycle unit will offer years of recharging power, with the lesser equivalent catering to several dozen instead. Starter batteries are considered an entry level unit and they function in much the same way as lesser deep cycle sources.

Can anyone connect a forklift power source?

Yes, it is possible to take care of the connection manually and without the help of an expert. As these power outlets are much heavier than car batteries, not to mention being fairly tricky to install, it is advised that a professional be hired to take care of the task. If a battery is installed incorrectly, this can result in a power surge, or power limitation – and in either event the unit can suffer irreparable damage.

How long do forklift power sources last?

This will depend on their general usage and how frequently the battery is able to recharge. Although it’s a requirement for a vehicle to be run in order for the unit to be recharged, consistent use will slowly deplete the internal chemicals that provide energy. In most instances, a good battery should last for anywhere between 6 and 12 years. Overuse can reduce this longevity and minimal utilisation can do the same too, as the power will slowly ebb away. If less use will be required, then it’s a good idea to connect a trickle charger to slowly energise the battery over time (especially if months may pass without use).

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